In the first phase, Viet Nam and the EU will follow their respective procedures for ratification of the Agreement, with the expectation that the Agreement will be formally signed and ratified by the two parties within 2018.

In this phase, preparatory work begins to develop the VNTLAS and the other elements of the VPA. A Joint Preparation Committee (JPC) will also be established to guide initial implementation. The JPC will be co-chaired by senior officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) on behalf of Viet Nam and the EU Delegation on behalf of the EU.

The main tasks of the Joint Preparation Committee have been agreed as follows:

  • To facilitate the exchange of information between the parties;
  • To serve as the platform to discuss planning and preparation of the implementation of the Agreement before its entry into force;
  • To monitor progress in the design and implementation of the VNTLAS and the Agreement as a whole; and
  • Any other tasks that the parties may jointly agree on.

In the second phase after ratification, the Agreement formally enters into force, which means that from this point onwards it becomes legally binding according to the provisions of the main text and annexes of the Agreement. In this phase, the Joint Preparation Committee will be replaced by a Joint Implementation Committee (JIC), the functions of which are specified in Article 18 of the Agreement and in Annex IX.

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