Joint Implementation Framework (JIF)

The purpose of the Joint Implementation Framework (JIF) is to provide a framework for the Joint Preparation Committee, and later the Joint Implementation Committee, to guide and monitor the initial implementation of the Agreement.

The JIF covers the period leading up to the independent assessment of the operational readiness of VNTLAS (Phase 1 and 2 in Figure 1), and it focuses on the steps and actions required to achieve the requirements of the independent assessment.

The Joint Implementation Framework has the following specific objectives:

  • To identify the strategic tasks and priority actions needed to establish the institutional mechanisms to implement the Agreement and to prepare and operationalize the VNTLAS and other elements of the VPA;
  • To identify responsibilities and sources of support and funding for these strategic tasks and priority actions;
  • To help promote stakeholder engagement and coordination around the actions for implementation of the Agreement; and
  • To provide a framework for monitoring implementation of the Agreement.

The full text of Joint Implementation Framework (JIF):


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